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Marijuana Dangers

Marijuana dangers are usually listed as they affect the physical body and mind and marijuana dangers are often associated with emotional problems as well. Marijuana dangers are often reported in fluctuating waves. Some say there are more marijuana dangers than ever right now due to the increased potency of the drug. Others say marijuana dangers aren't as bad and can even be used for medical purposes (see our medical marijuana page). This page isn't going to convince anyone of the marijuana dangers. Our intention here is to help those who are already suffering the consequences of marijuana dangers and are wondering where they can find help.

Millions of people use marijuana habitually and many are quite addicted to the drug. Addiction is a disease and like any disease, tears away at the mind and body of the sufferer. Many pot smokers did not fully understand marijuana dangers as they began to smoke the drug early in life. Some pot smokers find themselves using the drug more than they would like and find it interfering with school, work and relationships with family and friends. This cycle can feed off of itself in a negative way causing more use of the drug and further consequences.

Many studies of marijuana dangers associate repeated use of the drug with lower test scores and academic abilities. On the job, workers who smoke pot often miss more work, have more accidents and are more likely to lose their job.

On emotional level marijuana dangers include isolation, depression and an increase in anxiety. Uncomfortable feelings and fear also lead to more use of the drug that can make for more problems. Studies show that over time, individuals who become physically and/or emotionally dependent on marijuana can find that they are falling behind on basic fundamental life skills that are being acquired by peers in the same age range. This can lead to self-esteem problems as self-reinforcement abilities deteriorate and confidence diminishes. So why doesn't the pot smoker stop smoking pot?

Another one of the marijuana dangers is physical dependence on the drug. Many people try to stop over and over but are overwhelmed by anxiety, irritability and sleeping difficulties. Physical dependence is marked by withdrawal symptoms when the drug is removed. The marijuana dangers include the bodies' adaptation to an almost continuous presence of the drug in its system. The brain adapts to the pain reducing reaction to the drug and its other analgesic effects like inducing sleep. Those who have only tried smoking pot once or twice might be amazed that anybody could function on the drug at all. But those who have been smoking the drug for months and years have become accustom to its effects and can often hide the fact that they are high at all.

This tolerance to the drug is yet another one of the marijuana dangers. Pot smokers who must smoke much more of the drug to feel the same affect that just a little used to provide. This leads to more intake of smoke which can cause more damage to the lungs and respiratory system.

One of the biggest marijuana dangers can just be the loss of hope from the frustration that you can't seem to quit on your own. Fortunately there is help. Spencer Recovery Centers offers an effective answer to all of the marijuana dangers. Rehabilitation and recovery from marijuana dependency is possible with therapeutic and medical assistance. The doctors and counselors of Spencer Recovery Centers have helped many clients recover from their dependency on marijuana, alcohol, and other drugs. Spencer facilities are first rate, located along scenic beaches of California and Florida, they offer a safe haven to get through the tough times and explore what is really important.

We specialize in helping those who are suffering from the physical, mental and emotional consequences of marijuana use. If you or someone you love wants or needs to stop using marijuana, please give us a call today. We offer intervention services as well and accept many insurance plans.


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