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Marijuana detox is a medical description for the reason that marijuana detox is a medical process. Marijuana detox is the detoxification of the body of the effects of marijuana. Chronic users of the often-called pot, weed, hash, chronic, bud etc, often require marijuana detox before real recovery and abstinence can begin. Any chronic user of marijuana who has been unable to quit can appreciate the intentions of marijuana detox. Marijuana detox is often the first stage of a successful recovery plan because it helps clear the mind and focus on the action required of rehabilitation.

Chronic use of marijuana can lead to physical and emotional dependence on the drug. For those who are susceptible to marijuana addiction, dependence can develop very quickly. Indicators for marijuana addiction tendencies include having family members who are alcoholics or drug addicts. Many people who are addicted to marijuana report having an instant attraction to the drug from the first use.

Whether you need marijuana detox because of a lifetime of usage or marijuana detox for the last few months of heavy usage doesn't matter. The important thing is that you recognize that you are no longer willing to go on as you have been. Isolating from friends and family, missing out on important occasions and events. Perhaps difficulties are becoming unbearable at work or you have lost a job due to marijuana dependency. An increase of learning difficulties and memory problems due to repeated marijuana use results in dropping out of school and abandoning goals.

Marijuana addiction is a very real disease that always gets worse for the addict. Continuous obsession about the drug consumes much of the day. Preparing it, seeking it out, making sure you have enough money to buy it even before the phone bill or gas bill. These are not easy habits to break.

Spencer Recovery Centers offers a solution to break this cycle. We have been offering marijuana detox as a part of our recovery process from the beginning. Our staff physicians recognize that in order to continue to recognize and change the behavioral patterns that have lead to addiction, a clear head is required. Marijuana detox speeds up this process through a medication and vitamin regiment specifically designed to detoxify the body of the impurities of marijuana. This process aids the healing of organs like the lungs which have been subjected to 3 times the carbon monoxide of that of regular cigarettes. Depending on your personal assessment, heart and blood medication may be required and anti-anxiety treatment can also be common.

As mentioned earlier, marijuana detox is but the first stage of the recovery process. The goal of marijuana detox and the following rehabilitation is to continue life drug free. Spencer Recovery Centers offers several programs to help our clients who are dependent on marijuana. Through 21 day inpatient to outpatient that can track progress for a year, we customize our program to suit your particular needs and lifestyle requirements. Our facilities are warm, relaxing in a beachside setting to maximize serenity.

If marijuana detox is for you, please give us a call today.

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